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Just a quick how 2 on removing this keyboard ,hope it helps someone


Allot of people simply do not believe what happened to MH370.

I for one also feel something is not right there is something missing from the story, about how the plane ended up in the Indian ocean at the very least, for us to believe about it going far off course, what about what happened to the 200+ mobile phones that would of had a large percentage of gprs enabled and 4g equipped phones, that would of be left on by mistake, we know this as we aware of the many phones calls by relatives made to the aircraft.

Are we to believe the plane flew for 7+ hours on autopilot with no one alive on-board until it ran out of fuel?

I will submit what I believe are the likely alternatives to the official theory for Flight MH370

I have do not know what happen i am just posting the current theories I have been hearing regarding this, I suspect that flight MH370 will become one of the mystery and no one will ever really know what happened on the aircraft, even after wreckage is found, the mystery will be how did it end up there ?.


1: flight was hijacked by criminals


The theory goes something like this

There was something valuable on the aircraft, theories range from diamonds, gold, money, biological viruses, weapons that was held in a large metal container in the cargo hold.

The plane was flown to country like Somalia, landed all on board were killed ,buried in the desert, parts of plane were then taken to south Indian ocean and dumped overboard, in order to portray it as a crash so there would no pursuit by authorities.


2: Malaysian cover up


Regarding connect to the aircraft, there have been strong rumours about cia/spies discovering the truth about the flight, they have said unofficially that the Malaysian government was receiving connect from a pilot (some version state pilot was part of the plot some say he was not and forced) and a hijacker

They demanded the release of a recently jailed official, or they would crash the plane into ocean, it is said they received 6 long calls to the someone on the aircraft, these events latest for 5 hours, plane made circles in the Indian Ocean, ran out of fuel and crashed.

That Malaysian government knew of the backlash (mostly from china) if it was to become public what happen.

So they tried to portray the crash happening in the South China Sea where they knew no wreckage would ever be found.

This did not work when UK engine company revealed they tracked the aircraft ,after stalling for a few days they was forced to accept this new information, that the plane flew on for a further 7 + hours, that the new correct crash site was in the south Indian ocean.


3: The 20


There was 20 free scale personal on board the aircraft ,they was all said to be working on a new type of processor for use by the US military ,the device abilities vary but one of the subjects was advanced clocking device, a device such as this would be a real game changer for any country.

Culprits Governments who have been rumoured, range from Russia and USA trying to stop it falling into Chinese hands.

Reasons behind it are to improve their military due to the start of the new second cold war that we are now currently in.

There is also a variant regarding this theory where they was killed in order to become the sole shareholder of rights for the device.


4: The Plot


This is theory that the plane was stole for later use, landed in a country like Iran, or somewhere in African desert ,where the plane was hidden and is currently being outfitted with a new identity with payload of a recently obtained nuke warhead, with rumoured targets being new York and Tel Aviv.


5: Mass Abduction


The theory is simple the plane was taken by an aliens, much like the mass abduction of ships in the past, villages and Indian tribes.


6: Joyride to Suicide

 This involved pilot having difficulties in his relationship with his wife, and also problems with his new girlfriend, that he has been practicing a journey into the Indian Ocean using his home built flight simulator, so he could practise flying his aircraft into the Indian Ocean a place he had never flown much, flying the aircraft low & high, and trying to make South Pole in order to have a climatic crash end there.

There is a version of this theory made popular by a psychic who claims, close to the end the co-pilot noticing how low on fuel they was fought with the pilot and finally forced him outside where the passenger and cabin crew grabbed and restrained him, but due to fuel running out, the co-pilot fought I losing battle keeping it airborne until it crashed.

Windows Logos different logos of windows over the years , i could of add each version but i did not see much point as many have the same logo,so i kept to each version that had a new logo enjoy

just my amateur version of the Intel robot song,Its not perfect but so far no one else has done it ,and hoping it will fill the void until someone(intel included as i would buy that in second) with more skills comes along and does it better justice,original version here
all rights to this track belong to intel for a brilliant if short track.

A Unboxing for the Orico 2594sus3 Enclosure Lonely made device made of Brushed Aluminum and Hardened Plastics has Usb3 and esata ports beautiful made device,very light says is 144.5g on the box.
supports 2.5mm but you can stick one as big as 9.5mm in there.
Usb2.0 at 480 mbps
Usb3.0 at 5 gbps
e-sata at 3gbps

Just a video telling how to get around the current bug for hd4000 if you play titanfall on origin

Just A Teaser for a project i been messing with for while a horror,mystery and action flick,It will take a while to make doubt it will be that long in length too but i am not doing it for that,I just want to tell a good story and i feel i have a good story to tell,like i say in the trailer it will be done when its done.

Recent Montage of Battlefield 4 C4 attacks,A Welsh Man,A Northerner Man and a English Man ATTACK! n DESTROY!
thanks to Mr Chaos, also DNZ clan mostly DNZ-Sheddie and DNZ-Harrzack in helping to make.
Game: Battlefield 4 by ea games n dice
Artist: UWBeats (previously known as DJ Taxomusic)
Track: Delete
AudioPad Twitter:

hope you enjoy if you do like or subscribe Mr D Out!


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